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Art Craft Ideas - Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

DIY Handmade Cellophane / Glass Paper Lantern

Chinese Moon Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunisolar month (see Mid-Autumn Festival Dates). The Mid-autumn festival is the second most important festival after the Spring Festival to Chinese people. Every year, when the festival comes people go home from every corner of the country and the world to meet their family and have dinner with them, admire the full moon and eat mooncakes.


Chinese people believe a full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion. On Mid-Autumn Festival night the moon is supposed to be the brightest and fullest, which is why the festival is also known as the”Day of Reunion” and the “Moon Festival”It is Mid-Autumn Festival and a nice activity to do with the children is to make your own lantern. One of my fondest childhood memories were of coloured lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lantern Night


To make the lantern, what you will need would be craft wire to make the frame, coloured cellophane paper, glue, scissors, acrylic paint and brushes.  You can bend the wires according to your desired pattern.


Handmade Cellophane / Glass Paper Lantern is a sunset industry due to the tediousness and the skill needed to produce it. Not many youngsters are interested to learn and inherit the skill because it can’t make them a living.



Creative Wedding Card DIY Ideas

Wedding invitations are one of the most popular DIY projects that brides take on, either to save money or create a one-of-a-kind design that guests won’t see anywhere else. Whether you’re interested in personalizing a basic paper suite or want to design one from scratch, there’s something for every skill set.



When it comes to deciding on a wedding invitation most couples will go with something relevant to their colour scheme and don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional wedding invite, it’s just sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and inject a little fun into your invitations!


Get an idea of the general feel you are going for like the colors and theme if there is one. The invitation sets the tone for your invited guests. And gives them a glimpse of what your wedding day is going to be like. Your invitations should represent you and your fiance’s vision and atmosphere you imagine on that special day.

Folded or flat? Square or rectangle? (5×7 is a good universal size you can easily find envelopes for). Depending on the size and shape, envelopes and postage costs will vary. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. This is your wedding and can be done your way.


For all of the book lovers out there, wouldn’t it be lovely to send your guests your invitation on the inside of a beautiful book?! Add a handkerchief or tea towel around your invite to create a warm and inviting wedding package.







Party Craft Ideas

Looking for easy, simple, cheap and low mess craft activities for your child’s birthday party?




You may start with  Photobooth Props where Kids can decorate these printables cut them out and glue them onto wood dowels. Might be good to do this in the beginning of the party so that the glue can dry during cake and presents. After glue is dry it would be fun to take pictures of the kids with their props and email out to parents.


Bright party hats are a really festive touch for a party, but paper ones seem to always gets torn and immediately thrown away. Why not make a party hat made of fabric to last through more than one birthday? With just a little piece of fabric and scraps of embellishment you probably have lying around, you can easily re-cover a store bought paper hat yourself and turn it into something really beautiful that can be worn on their special day. Make them as party favors for all of your child’s party guests!


You may also fill up mason jars with snacks as door gifts. This jar is filled with goodies that will give you a little ‘pick me-up’ during the day.  Customize them with your favorite snack bars, chocolates or hot cocoa packets. Also you may include popcorns in the jar. It is one of the easiest and cheapest gifts to make.  The only items you will need to purchase are the popcorn kernels and containers.  You could also recycle your pasta sauce jars for containers.  Print the free label and the recipe card.  Voila!  And, it’s so much better than microwave popcorn.


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