Art Craft Ideas

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

Art Craft Ideas - Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

Fun Art Craft For Kids

If your child is loves sticking things on papers and if you have piles of leaves, sticks or shells, you would like the idea of making a button tree. To make a button tree, all you need are some sticks and buttons. However, if want to be more creative, you can stick some leaves or shells too. You can also make a Christmas Tree by using pine leave and fold some star-shapes as ornaments to the tree.


Another way of having a fun craft is doing stamps using vegetables, leaves or items that have textures. What you need to prepare are just some watercolors, and textured items. You can make beautiful botanical cards or prints and enjoy spring greenery year-round. Examples of vegetables that you can use are ladies fingers or okra, cut potatoes, carrots, and banana leaf stalk. This is another art technique that we used to do during our first grade. You can even use your thumbs as stamps.


You can also do shape collages with your children. Simple cut out colored papers with a lot of shapes such as triangle, circle, square, rectangle etc. Create an object and start your imagination to paste those shapes to make it into that object. You don’t need anything special as children will be very happy making collages with the simplest of materials, and magazines and catalogues are always a good start. Collages are an excellent way to fill a wet afternoon and use up the odds and ends in your craft box.


Another interesting craft is doing the paint and Fold Art. What you need to do with your children is to get them to put paint / oil pastels in random blobs onto a paper. It can be a creative design or simply messy blobs. Fold the paper into half when it’s done. Then you use your hand or a pencil to squish the paint. Unfold, and then you have a piece of an abstract art.  Everyone sees something different in your art, so it’s pretty cool. You can frame it up too.

PaintAndFoldArt (1)

Christmas Art and Craft Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to settle down and spend time to do some good art and craft. The days are short and some places with winter discourages kids from playing outside, thuscrafting will keep your kids busy and take away some of their impatience and excitement while they wait for Christmas With families and friends visiting your house there is no better time to showcase some of your children’s crafty talents proudly.

Handmade wreath is pretty easy to be done. Historically, wreaths were used a sign of importance and victory. In ancient Rome for example, wreaths were placed on the heads of leaders like Julius Caesar, while the Greeks likes to place wreaths on the heads of athletes who were winners in the original Olympic Games. The tradition of hanging wreaths on walls most likely happened when someone decided to keep his/her head wreath as a decoration, instead of throwing it away and today, wreaths of all sorts are used to decorate homes throughout the year especially during the Christmas season.



You can also make a growing collection of snowflake crafts with your children. Most people make snowflakes with four or eight points real snowflakes in nature form with six points so you may choose to make one with six points. Making paper snowflakes are often taught in schools. Grace your panes with paper snowflakes, attaching them with poster putty. Or make a wreath of snowflakes by sticking them one at a time to a wall with poster putty. With this, your children can happily occupy themselves cutting out dozens of paper snowflakes. Then adults can step in with thread and tape, and together you can watch your family’s own gentle blizzard materialize.


Last interesting art is the famous Christmas stockings. Using your needle and thread — or your sewing machine, stitch up these festive holidays with nice Christmas stockings. These stockings, made from wool fabric, knit cord, and a shrunken sweater, are easier than they look – so an afternoon’s effort will be cherished for years to come.


Vintage Art Craft

Vintage art craft is able to create a unique decorations and designs for any occasions. They are loved especially by those antique collectors. However, vintage craft can be made ourselves as well provided that you have the materials and some know-how in making it.

Traditional Art Craft

Creating craft projects using vintage materials adds a dimension of history and character to a piece of art and to the space where it’s used. You can decorate with vintage ceiling tiles even if your furniture is contemporary or retro-modern. Incorporate hints of vintage into a modern design style to add to your space’s layered beauty.

Vintage Style Craft Works

Vintage Art Craft 1

You can turn metal ceiling tiles into hanging light fixtures. Puncture holes along the engraved designs of six tiles and connect them into a cube shape with screws or wire, keeping the top panel removable. Drill a hole in the top panel and attach a light bulb, cable and chain. When you are ready to hang the light, close the top panel and attach the light by its chain to the ceiling.

Unique Vintage Art Craft

Vintage buttons are another popular type of art craft that you may be interested in. These buttons are highly collectable and sometimes date back 100 years or more. They are made in glass, metal, wood, Bakelite, gemstones or hand tooled celluloid. It only takes one or two of these little treasures to make something special. Find vintage buttons in antique stores, through hobbyists on the Internet or by carefully searching through used clothing at thrift shops or garage sales.

Vintage Art Craft 3

Homemade necklaces can be made to look like they are from a bygone era. For a simple method to make vintage jewelry, purchase vintage charms from a craft store. These come in a variety of styles, ranging from Victorian pendants with intricate lace and flower patterns to medieval cross pendants. For an old-fashioned look, put the pendant on a ribbon and tie it around your neck.

Vintage Art Craft

Vintage Arts

Nothing says vintage like images from a bygone era. Download old art and pictures from the era of your choice and print them. Cut them out and glue them to a wide range of home items to make the item look as though it is from that era. Glue the image to an item using a water-based glue and sealer. You can fix the images to wooden blocks for old-time building blocks or attach the images to cups or Christmas ornaments.

Vintage Craftworks

Aging is the process of making something new look old. Buy an item with a vintage feel to it, or something that looks like it can come from any era. Then wreck it. The idea is to make the item look old and worn. Rub sandpaper around the edges of the item to make it look scuffed and used. Put dents in the item using a hammer. Light touches of black marker can make the item look like it has burn marks or the paint has worn off. With a little ingenuity, you can own antiques without searching flea markets or paying a lot of money for a true antique.

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