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Art Craft Ideas - Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

Butterfly Origami

I am sure there are many tutorials out there on how to make an origami butterfly but I thought I would put a short tutorial together to share with you on how I made mine. The nice thing about this butterfly is that you should have everything right there with you that you will need to make these lovely fluttering creatures.

Let’s start with an easy one. Choose the size you would like your square to be, mark it out on your paper and cut it out. I like to make cardboard templates when I am wanting to make more than one of something. I used 3,4 and 5 inch squars for my butterflies.




Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half, open, then fold in half the other way. Now Fold the Paper in half diagonally, both ways. Fold all four corners into the centre and crease well. Turn Over and Fold all four corners into the centre again. Open out the model so far. Fold the outside edges into the centre line. Holding each inside edge from the point at the centre, bring these edges out to the points shown. Then, fold the top edge downwards and flatten. Rotate the model, and repeat step 7. Fold the top half backwards and flatten. Fold down the front outside corners. Fold these outside corners inward.




Fold the butterfly in half. Now fold the top layer backwards, at  the angle shown. And now fold the back wing backwards also at the same angle.






Sesame Street Invitation Card Ideas

A simple and fun invitation is to create the face of one of the Sesame Street characters. Elmo for example, is quite easy to make: Take red cardstock paper and cut out an oval. Add either big wiggly eyes or round circles from white cardstock with a black pupil drawn with black permanent marker or glued on black cardstock in the shape of small circles.


Then cut out an oval out of orange construction paper for the nose and a happy Elmo smile for the mouth. Then write all the Elmo birthday party info on the back with a black marker. Here’s a small picture of what it looks like to help you out.



Another option is to use colored paper to match your child’s favorite character. Fold the paper in half and let your child decorate the front with Sesame Street stickers. Write the party invitation details inside the card. Choose yellow paper for Big Bird, bright blue paper for Cookie Monster, or pink for Abby Cadabby.



You can do the above instructions with lots of different Sesame Street characters. Another cute Elmo birthday party idea is adding fabric or material that resembles that specific character, for example a few yellow feathers for Big Bird, a patch of blue fur for Cookie Monster and/or Grover, a patch of red fur for Elmo, etc. For noses you can buy colorful pompoms at a material store (orange pompom for Elmo’s nose, pink pompom for Grover’s nose, etc.)

Add fun wording from the television show at the bottom of your invitation, such as:

“This invitation has been brought to you by the letter [first letter of your child’s name] and the number [your child’s age]! “

seamless old wood texture

seamless old wood texture

Invite your guests to wear their favorite Sesame Street shirt. Include a Sesame Street sticker with your Sesame Street invitations or seal the envelope with a personalized Elmo sticker.

DIY Fabric Storage Boxes

Create DIY storage boxes with a few simple ideas, a little time, and a whole lot less money than you would spend at the store!

There are many creative ways of reusing cardboard, toys, cat’s cubbies, photo backgrounds and more, but this time I will show you how to make a storage box with just a piece of fabric and some glue (not only it’ll look awesome but also be stiffer and more resistant).


You would have probably said: because it lasts longer, and it is easier to clean, and you’d be right. Even though it is so, I personally prefer using as many recycled stuff as I can. The more natural something is the happier I am. Actually there are some pros of cardboard boxes being so fragile and easy to break, namely you can have newly designed storage box each and every month!


What you need are a pair of Scissors, Buttons, Brushes, Glue, Sewing pins, paper cutting knife, Needle and thread or a sewing machine. Get a cardboard box of an average size and a piece fabric that you’d like to cover your box with if you want to.


Make two holes in the lid for the loop. Use a revolving punch, a hand punch or make the holes with a thick needle or awl. Thread elastic cord through the holes and tie a knot on the inside. Make the loop an inch or so, depending on how far down on the box you intend to place your button.



Measure where you want the button to be and make two holes in the front of your box. Sew the button in place with a piece of elastic cord (or thread). Tie a knot on the inside of the box to attach the button. Put the lid on top of the box, thread the loop over the button and “lock” the box. Mix and match patterned papers and buttons as you wish. My boxes kept a theme – graphic patterns in black and white.